Debt Raising

We assist clients to raise local and international currency debt for companies, real estate and projects internationally from domestic and international banks and alternative finance organisations. We also offer lending-related advisory services.

We assist our clients with:

  • Debt Raising
  1. Term loans
  2. Working capital facilities
  3. Commercial paper
  • Project Financing
  1. Project term loans
  2. Techno-economic viability studies, which provide an appraisal of the techno-economic parameters of a project, thus enabling lenders to make investment decisions regarding the project
  3. Lenders’ engineer assignments, which act to safeguard the interests of lenders by monitoring a project’s techno-commerciality to ensure its timely completion, within the budgeted cost and of requisite quality
  • Real Estate Financing
  1. Development financing
  2. Acquisition financing
  3. Refinancing
  • Structured Financing
  1. Mezzanine financing
  2. Securitisation
  • Restructuring & Refinancing of Existing Debt
  1. Refinancing
  2. Recapitalisation
  3. Debt swaps
  • Debt Advisory Services (in India)
  1. Refinancing
  2. Techno economic viability studies
  3. Project monitoring
  4. Financial advisory
  5. Lender’s engineer assignments

Our role includes:

  • Identification and approach of potential lenders
  • Full execution services, including preparation of funding plan and financial model; advice on transaction structure and strategy; managing communication and interaction with lenders; overseeing due diligence; negotiations of lending terms and legal documentation

Our extensive international relationships give us a strong ability to access international sources of debt funding.