Sense International (India)


Sense International (India) is the Indian arm of Sense International, a global charity working with deafblind people in less developed countries, including India and East Africa. In India, Sense International works in 21 States to provide education for deafblind children and adults, training to families and professionals, and to advocate for the rights of deafblind people. Sense International (India) is transforming the lives of 43,000 deafblind people.

The Meghraj Charitable Foundation has supported Sense International (India) because it helps some of the most marginalised members of the community: those who cannot see or hear, and are ostracised by society as they cannot speak because of their deafblindness.

The Foundation has supported Sense International (India) for over ten years, in the first instance by providing funding to train the teachers. This has been extremely successful in propagating the work of the charity. In addition, we have funded the M. P. Shah Deafblind Unit to provide services to deafblind and multi-sensory-impaired children in Jamnagar and the surrounding areas. The Unit currently has a staff of 7 who provide services to 17 deafblind people. Sense International (India) provided technical assistance in setting up the Unit, and continues to provide training support, monitoring and mentoring support.